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Friday, July 04, 2014
Half way through the 2014 Big Red Run

Andrew MacPherson continues to lead the field at just over the half way mark in the 250 kilometre Big Red Run. Competitors had a tough day, dealing with injuries from their first two marathon distances in the Simpson Desert on previous days. It is still too early to call the winner at this point, and there are at least 5 other athletes well within reach of the top spot.
Janelle Murfitt leads the Little Red Run at the 86 kilometre mark at the end of day 3. Injuries in the form of blisters are the most common amongst the runners, with some other injuries ranging from knees, calves, and hamstring.
Competitors and Crew were treated to a talk from Lucus Trihey (Event Director) on his walk across the Simpson Desert, and got to learn why he is the best person for the job of directing this event. This was followed with some photos from the event so far, just to remind the competitors how far they have come so far.
There were loads of images added to Facebook today (, and the full results are here:
Big Red Run
Little Red Run
If the huge efforts that these competitors have put in has inspired you or your friends, get involved next year as a competitor or volunteer or make a donation to support research in to Type 1 Diabetes. Visit


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